Original Apple iPhone 6s Plus 128GB Hassan

09 Sep 2016
1,700 AED

iPhone 6s plus & S7 Edge 128GB
interested buyers should add up or contact the information below.

WhatsApp +254773545158


Email: Goldmyneltd@techie.com

Apple iphone 6s,6s + with all GB With All Colour, And Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE,S7 EDGE all GB With All colour.
Contact for other product also.

Also contact Us for all you
*Mobile Phones
*digital Camera
*Xbox & PS4 Video Games
*and other consumer Electronics

Please no Silly offers. As we Buy directly from Apple and Samsung Store and sell as a trusted seller vendor both to wholesalers and to retailers
All our phones and electronics are sold at wholesale prices.

Buyer are to get their requested order in its best and original product also with 1 year warranty .

shipper way: FedEx / DHL

note that we can ship and deliver Worldwide, as we could drop ship to either you or your customer address,buyershould also have it in mind that we ship

the same day after payment confirmation.
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