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04 Feb 2016
300 AED
The Children's Ride-On Toy Box
Ride It, Pull It, Take it with you
Great for short-trips and sleepovers!

Introducing VRÃ?M, The Childrenâ??s Ride-On Toy Box! VRÃ?M hold holds toys and so much more! With 3-in-1 features, you can ride it, pull it AND take it with you wherever you go. The roomy interior, lock and unlock feature as well as the dual
purpose strap used for both pulling and carrying really makes VRÃ?M fun, cute and useful for parents! VRÃ?M fits in
overhead travel compartent or under the seat in front of you

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Aramex - cash on delivery - AED 16

Sending within 24-48 hours after receiving the order
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